Bespoke Shower Trays

Solidity can custom make a shower tray any size, any shape and any colour you want from Corian, HI-MACS or Krion.

Often a bathroom will have a problem space that cannot be properly dealt with by an off the shelf item. To address this need, Solidity can hand build a bespoke shower tray to your dimensions (or provide a full site survey and installation service for the most difficult situations).

Solidity bespoke shower trays can be made in 2 pieces and seamlessly fused together on site.  This means that our trays can be fitted in places where access is restricted or where stock items are too big or too heavy to be installed.

Our trays are individually designed and moulded using 3D CAD so that water flows smoothly down to the waste no matter what size or shape you require.

For your peace of mind our made to measure shower trays come with a 10-year warranty. For the terms and conditions of the guarantee please see the Solidity 10-Year Guarantee.


Shower trays and wetroom floors are normally supplied with our standard chrome domed waste cover and trap.   It is capable of dealing with 35L/min of water which is sufficient for all but the largest, multi-jet, pressurised shower systems (for high flow applications we fit either multiple or high capacity wastes). All our wastes have easy to clean hair traps which you do not require tools to gain access to.

For a small premium, we can supply a flush waste cover in Corian or HI-MACS to exactly match your shower tray.  

Slabs or trough wastes can also be designed.

Wall Panels

Bathroom walls without seams or grout are beautiful and stay looking brand new for years. Solidity’s seamless wall panels are an ideal choice for modern or minimal bathrooms as they provide a plain backdrop for the furniture, glass, radiators and taps. Our walls and floors are smooth and non-porous so are impervious to dirt, moisture and mildew. 

Size and shape are not restricted and we can even form concave or convex curved wall panels if required.

Shower Recesses

Seamless shower recesses made from Corian or HI-MACS are an attractive and permanent way to make a useful storage space in a shower.  They can enhance the shower area both practically and aesthetically.

There are no grout lines to keep clean and because Solid Surface can be machined very precisely, we can make neat openings for recessed lights.

Shower Screens & Enclosures

We are often asked to supply special sized glass screens and enclosures to suit our bespoke shower trays and wetroom floors. For most frameless, partial framed or framed applications we recommend Glass Trends and are happy to source and install these for you.

For some applications the glass needs to be more integrated into the structure. For these customers we offer a bespoke service, providing very special frameless enclosure designs with the highest quality German fittings and low iron glass.

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