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Kitchen Sinks & Draining Areas

Kitchen Sinks

One of the big advantages Solid Surface has over other materials for your kitchen worktop is the ability to integrate sinks seemingly joint free. This creates a flowing, elegant and highly practical finish. In wet areas this is a real advantage as there are no joins for dirt and grime to collect in. The choice of stock size and shape is vast but we can custom build something to your exact requirements if necessary.

Pre-Cast Solid Surface - White or Cream

Sinks made from HI-MACS, Corian or Krion for inconspicuous jointing into worktops in a restricted range of solid colours. These are the most popular and cost effective way to create 'joint free' wet areas

Bespoke Solid Surface

Hand made by us to your exact specification.  Any colour, size or shape

Any colour with Stainless Steel Base

Corian Mixa/Fontana or HI-MACS Combina sinks are available in all colours with a stainless steel base.

Other Materials

Your choice of sink (usually stainless steel) can be undermounted by us into the worktop. However, please be aware thta this will not have a seamless finish.


Recessed areas are ideal for keeping water in a contained space and a waterfall front edge profile can help retain splashes and prevent water from dripping onto the cabinets below.

We can make any style of drainer that you would care to draw.

It is important to remember that water will never just run to the plug hole automatically. Surface tension means that some water will always remain in drainer grooves and sit on top of recessed areas.