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What is Krion?


KRION™ is a new generation solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL, part of the Porcelanosa group. It is warm to the touch and similar to natural stone being two thirds Aluminium Trihydrate with a small proportion of high-resistance resins. It has no pores, is hard wearing, low maintenance and easy to repair. It is cut in a similar way to wood allowing the sheets to be connected and thermoformed to create curved sections.  It can even be injected during the production process to create different designs and projects that are impossible to achieve with other materials.

Snow White

KRION™ Snow White is a neutral brilliant white that we think is the purest white of all the solid surfaces in the market place.


The KRION™ chemical welding kit joins sheets seamlessly using the same material in liquid form.


Practically fireproof and does not allow fire to spread.


Can be made to look as good as new.


KRION™ is hypo allergenic and anti-bacterial. Other similar materials achieve this by the addition of biocides, but bacteria can become immune to these over time. 

Manufactured using moulds

KRION™can be injected to create complex designs.


Low chemical emissions and certified suitable for interior use.


Any KRION™ product can be reprocessed and used again in the production process.

Resistant to extreme environments

Non-porus, easy to clean surface and repairable in situ.  Ideal is high traffic areas and offering a high resistance to vandalism.

Highly reisitant to chemical products

Ideal for use in laboratories, professional premises and domestic settings.

Easy to clean

Any stain can be removed and the surface returned to its origianl appearance.

Food Grade

KRION™ meets the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 1186 standard, meaning it is food grade.


Specific curves can be achieved using heat and formers.

10 year guarantee

SYSTEMPOOL offers a limited 10 year guarantee in products made of KRION™sheet.