Made to Measure Shower Trays

With a Solidity made to measure Shower Tray there are no restrictions to size, shape or waste position. The tray can be as thin as 25mm but our standard design is 38mm. If you require an extra deep shower tray we can accommodate that too.  Our trays are truly bespoke so they can be made to match any other design features in your bathroom.  To the right is an example where the shower tray edging was made to match the traditional style of the bathroom furniture.

If you want to save money or speed up the process you can measure for your own shower tray or make a template for us. We strongly recommend that the template is made from 6mm Plywood or MDF to ensure that the tray will fit. Measuring the tray with a tape measure must be done very carefully to ensure that out of square corners are properly considered.

If you ask us to measure for your shower tray we will use our 3D laser surveying equipment which is accurate to + or - 0.5mm.

We can also supply matching (or contrasting!) wall panels and source glass screens for a complete shower space.

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