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Colours and Materials

What are HI-MACS, Corian and Krion?

These materials are part of a generic group called Solid Surface. The materials were developed as a practical, robust worktop material for residential and commercial applications. The first one on the market was Corian in 1967.

What is the difference between HI-MACS, Corian and Krion?

The differences are small and in most cases it really doesn’t matter which material you choose for your application.  We recommend you choose the colour you like using our selector tool without considering the brand name. For a set of kitchen worktops there is no significant advantage to using one product over the others.

In some circumstances we will have a preference e.g. for complicated thermoforming we prefer Krion. This does not mean we can’t use the other products it's just that we see a small benefit of using Krion in this specific application over the others. If there is a benefit to using a specific product for your application we will advise you on a case by case basis.