Wet Room Floors

The Unique Features of a Solidity Wet Room Floor:

  1. Our 10 year guarantee covers our installation from the joists or concrete screed upwards. We make and fit everything so there is only one company responsible if something goes wrong.
  2. Our floor will not leak. The finished floor is one piece; there are no weak points to crack.
  3. You have a choice of hundreds of colours. Our floors are made from Corian, HI-MACS or Krion. Each of these materials is available in an extensive range of finishes including plain, marbled and stone effect options.
  4. No grout lines or visible seams. We make the floor in large sections, normally 700 - 1000mm wide and the length or width of the whole room; the sections are then seamlessly joined on site to leave no noticeable trace of the joint. These joints are designed to be just as strong as the rest of the floor so they will not crack if the floor moves or flexes when the house moves. In order to achieve these results our floor sections are manufactured with a 0.1mm tolerance at the joints and joints are made using a special colour matched 2 part adhesive.
  5. Reliable and Simple Wall to Floor Junctions - Watertight wall to floor junctions are nearly always difficult to achieve because in most houses walls and floors move relative to one another. Very often floors and walls are constructed using different materials so they will expand and contract as temperature and humidity changes through the year affect their timber and metal construction. We have a very simple answer; our floors have a lip behind the wall finish in areas that get wet and this allows the movement to happen but stops any water leaks if the silicone seal fails. We have had experience of floors subsiding by 8mm and still remaining watertight.

    For technical details see our Wall Details VISIO DRAWINGS.
  6. Our system was designed from the outset to work in typical British bathrooms with suspended timber floors. Since then we have developed ways to make the system work with concrete or screed floors equally well.
  7. Our floor build up is very thin so it is quite easy to use a Solidity wet room floor to create a distinct level walk in shower area and use another flooring material in the rest of the room. From joist to finished floor 32mm is the typical thickness, from a screed or concrete floor 26mm thick is normal. These thicknesses are subject to packing or firrings* fitted by us to correct the slope of the existing floor. * A firring is a thin strip of timber (or 'batten') that has been cut along its length diagonally so that it tapers, with one end deeper than the other.
  8. The floor is seamlessly repairable if you damage it. By using our special seamless jointing technology we can repair any damage you and your family may cause. In many cases the repair will be completely invisible and it will not affect the floor's waterproofing.
  9. Only one supplier. Unlike other wet room systems you do not need multiple companies to complete the supply and installation so there is no doubt about who is responsible for your floor. We have been involved as expert witnesses in many projects where none of the suppliers or installers would take responsibility for a failed wet room leaving the customer with 2 equally bad choices; replace the floor at their cost or try to use legal proceedings to establish fault and then force the company at fault either to re-do the work or pay for a new installation.
  10. All our staff involved in site measurements, design, installation and management are full time employees of Solidity.
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