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Wet Room Floor Customisable Features List

  • Any size or shape of floor - It is as easy as it sounds, anything is possible.  Every Solidity wet room floor is fully bespoke.  We do not offer standard 'off the shelf' products because, in our experience, they never fit properly.
  • Waste position and capacity - You choose (or we advise) where to put the waste and what capacity you need. The choice is enormous so it is easier to tell us what you want and we'll come back to you with the best solution. Our standard waste fitting has a 32.4 L/min flow rate which is sufficient for all but the largest custom designed multi-jet pressurised shower systems. For these applications we fit either multiple wastes or specially sourced high capacity wastes. All our wastes have easy to clean hair traps which you do not require tools to gain access to.
  • Waste style - Round, Square or Trough Wastes made from the same material as the floor or stainless steel. We will integrate any waste you choose but please talk to us before you purchase something so you can take advantage of our experience. 
  • Seamless skirting board - This avoids needing a silicone joint at floor level which stops the problem of blackening silicone around the perimeter of your wet room or shower.
  • Thicker floor build up - Our minimum floor thicknesses of 32mm on timber joists and 26mm on concrete screeds can be increased allowing us to make larger wet areas, increase the speed that the water runs away and help the floor drain more quickly and completely after the shower. Often thicker floors are required to get level thresholds, particularly when using wooden flooring or thick carpets in the adjoining room.
  • Raised areas for glass partitions - If you choose to have L shaped glass panels protecting the entrance to your shower you'll need a level base for proper installation. The raised area also helps water to run away from the glass support channels or silicone.
  • Grooves for glass partitions - We'll gladly cut a groove if you want one but your installer must be very diligent when sealing the glass into the groove. Any flaws in the silicone will result in water sitting in the groove and subsequently it will go mouldy. Removing the mould will require the glass to be removed. We can recommend a glass company happy to install glass partitions directly on top of our floors. 
  • Sloped thresholds for easy access for less able people or stepped thresholds to deal with level changes at doors.
  • Drying Areas - Raised areas and recessed duck boards make it easier to dry yourself after your shower.