Wetroom Floors


Solidity has developed a unique, beautiful, seamless wetroom floor system. Unlike all other systems it has no grout lines, feels hard and luxurious, is warm to the touch, requires NO TANKING, flexes and moves with the structure of the house, will never crack, is guaranteed leak proof for 15 years and will normally give at least 30 years of service.

Why is our system better than all the competition?

  • Every Solidity wetroom floor is made and installed by fully trained Solidity employees. Our materials and the installation is guaranteed for 15 years; this guarantee is underwritten by LG, one of the world’s largest companies.

  • It has a sleek seamless finish with no grout lines so it is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

  • It has a finish which is smooth and hard yet flexible enough to move with the  surrounding or supporting structure, so it won’t crack.

  • We have a proven method to ensure a water tight seal at the junction where the walls meet the floor.  We will supply detailed cross section drawings for these junctions at the start of the project.

  • We are nice people who care about the quality of the product, the installation and the happiness of the customer. We have been installing our wetrooms since 2003 and have no dissatisfied customers, no outstanding problems and have had only one leak which we quickly and thoroughly dealt with.

Because each floor is custom made to your requirements you can specify:

    • Waste position and capacity

    • Grooves for fixing glass partitions

    • Raised thresholds for doors

    • Steps

    • Coving to meet tiling

    • Recessed duck boards


Our HI-MACS wet room floor system was developed specifically to work on suspended timber floors although it can be made to work equally well on screed floors.

We prefer to make our wetroom floors using the LG HI-MACS material, as we believe it is the best product available if you want a seamless wetroom floor without grout lines. We do sometimes make floors using Corian if this is what the customer wants, but we find it more slippery.


How thick is the wetroom floor?

Solidity floors are only 32mm thick if fixed on joists, or 26mm thick if fixed to a concrete floor. It is quite easy to use our floor to create a distinct level walk in shower area and use another flooring material on the rest of the room.

What about the waste?

For designs available and information see wastes.

What about under floor heating?

Our floors retain a lot of heat due to their acrylic content. They are not normally cold unless they are on a ground floor which is not heated by convection from a living space below. Under floor heating is not normally necessary.

We don’t like using electric under floor heating as it is not really that reliable; it does burn out in time. Our floors are guaranteed for 15 years and to our knowledge none of the under floor heating products carry that length of warranty.

Additionally, heating mats are quite fragile until the floor finish has been applied. As our slabs tend to be big and heavy it would be easy for us to damage them during installation. The potential for damage can be reduced by covering the heating mats with a 5mm layer of latex self smoothing compound.

Wet under floor heating systems are more complex and therefore more expensive to install, but it is a more permanent and reliable solution.  

How does it work on site?

At Solidity we specialise in making and installing exceptional wetroom floors and shower trays, but we don’t get involved in normal building and plumbing works. We are usually engaged as specialist sub-contractors by the person organising the work; whether that is a Main Contractor, Architect, Bathroom Showroom, Builder or home owner. We liaise with the person organising the works and instruct him/her how to prepare the site for us, so that we can template and fit your project in an efficient and timely manner. 

Before we can make a floor the first step is a site visit, to perform a survey and make a set of templates so the whole floor can be custom made off site. Once we have completed the survey, work in the room can continue while we complete the manufacturing process.

We return to site after 5-10 working days (depending on the size of the project). First we pack the floor to correct the levels, then we lay our new plywood and then fit the prefabricated HI-MACS or Corian wetroom floor sections. The joints between the sections are fused and then polished to give an incredibly strong and virtually undetectable result. The joint line is totally smooth, less than 0.1mm wide and the same colour as the material.






Arctic White - Seamless Wetroom Floor