Shower Trays


Custom Sized Shower Trays

Solidity can custom make a shower tray the size and shape you want in any HI-MACS or Corian colour or colours.  

Every bathroom designer occasionally comes across a problem space or a customer requirement that cannot be properly dealt with by an off the shelf item. To address this need, Solidity can custom build a bespoke shower tray either to your dimensions or we can give you the full site survey and installation service for the most difficult situations.

Size, shape and waste position are not restricted; our showers are made to measure so we can follow curved walls and the tray can be as low as 30mm. If required we can also make a wetroom slab as little as 18mm thick, or make a tray in 2 pieces and seamlessly fuse it together on site.

Our trays are individually designed and moulded using 3D CAD so that water flows smoothly down to the waste no matter what size or shape you require.

For your peace of mind our Corian and HI-MACS custom made shower trays come with 10 and 15 year warranties respectively.


The choice of wastes and waste covers is enormous. click here to learn more




Shower Tray Examples



Our trays are hand made in England by skilled craftsmen, to a very high standard and from very expensive materials that are both durable and beautiful. Normal shower trays are made in the Far East in massive factories by stamping them out of thin materials, or casting them using moulds. Making a mould is very expensive and so not an option for a one off. 

In many ways it is similar to having a suit made.  You can choose all the details, you can get the exact size you need (without the intervention of a surgeon, dietician or personal trainer) and get to talk to the people actually making it for you; but it comes at a cost. Or you can go to a high street store to get your suit for one tenth the cost and ‘most people’ won’t notice the difference if you can get a size that fits.