Special Projects


Special Projects

Our normal work is for high end residential customers but that is not the be all and end all for us. We love to experiment and learn new ways to work with Corian, Richlite, HI-MACS or other similar materials. We try to take on one special bespoke project each month. A special project will be something that pushes us outside our experience, requires us to develop new techniques or will require lots of design content.

To make the design process easy for our customers we use the best 3D Engineering Design software (SolidWorks) so that we can easily show you photo-realistic images of your design prior to starting production. Our unique approach to kitchen and bathroom design frees you from the restrictions of a catalogue of standard shapes and sizes; you are free to let your imagination dictate design.

If you have something weird you want to do, it won’t be the weirdest, talk to us. Other people have come to us wanting or needing:-

  • A bespoke waterproof store for croquet mallets
  • Unusual shop fitting installations
  • Art furniture
  • Prototypes
  • Sculptures
  • Exhibition displays
  • An extra deep dog bath for a Great Dane
  • Super cool looking disinfectant troughs for a posh vet during the foot and mouth outbreak
  • A giant trough to put a bath into so that it didn’t matter if the customer filled the bath all the way to the top and let it overflow when he got in
  • Student design projects

Nowadays if we do weird stuff we try to take photographs of it, so click on some of the projects listed in the side bar to see the results.