What is HI-MACS?


Progressive Solid Surface material thanks to the latest processing technology.

HI-MACS® is the Solid Surface material of the “New Generation”. The mineral material consists of approximately one third acrylic resin (polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA) and 5% natural pigments. Its main constituent, with 70%, is the natural mineral aluminium hydroxide (ATH) obtained from bauxite (aluminium ore).

Thanks to its modern processing technology HI-MACS® has: 

  • improved heat resistance
  • improved impact strength
  • enhanced scratch resistance
  • better UV resistance
  • improved thermoplastic mouldability
  • a more homogeneous quality

 HI-MACS® is produced on a steel conveyor belt in the form of sheets or as mouldings in a modern manufacturing process that meets high safety requirements and conforms to the most exacting quality certification standards. The material is heated in a progressive tempering process (Thermal Cure). It is a two-stages thermal curing process at high temperature. This second stage in the thermal process is what sets HI-MACS® apart from other mineral materials and produces a new and stronger compound in which any structural defects are perfectly evened out. This improved structure automatically affects the quality of the material.

Prior to transportation, the front and back surfaces of the sheets are polished in the Cheongju plant in Korea and the Atlanta plant in the USA, providing fabricators with a significant saving in terms of time, particularly when both sides of the sheets are being used. All sheets are also wrapped in a protective film.


The benefits of the “New Generation” material at a glance.

The intelligent combination of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments to
produce HI-MACS® produces a non-porous, smooth surface that meets the most
exacting hygiene requirements and offers a number of benefits over conventional
alternatives. HI-MACS® is superior to conventional products, such as marble,
granite, glass, ceramic, laminate or polyester, especially on account of its
flexibility and the possibility of seamless joints together with ease of

The following properties are what set the Solid Surface
material apart:


HI-MACS® promotes the “New Generation” of designers and architects.

HI-MACS® not only lives up to its reputation as the material of the newest generation in terms of its fabrication technology and material quality but, in line with its philosophy, it also champions young designers and architects just embarking on their careers. Ultimately it is they who belong to the promising “New Generation” and it is from the minds of these talented individuals, who today are still sitting in design and architecture classes, that the breathtaking edifices of the future will emerge. HI-MACS® specifically promotes and challenges the stars of tomorrow and offers them the opportunity to create something extraordinary with this modern material in international Design Contests.