Kitchen Worktops – Corian, Hi-Macs and Richlite

Corian, HI-Macs and Richlite make beautiful, strong and practical kitchen worktops.

These materials are ideal for countertops and other surfacing applications where extreme durability, versatility and lasting beauty are a must. With an ever-expanding collection of colours and styles, there is a solid surface that will blend perfectly into any design. Because solid surface is non-porous, it is easy to clean and if damaged we can normally perform un-noticeable repairs.

We can make huge worktop runs without joints and seamlessly incorporate sinks, upstands, splashbacks and worktop ends that drop to the floor.

Why Choose Solidity?
  • We choose to work to very high standards.
  • We take our time and get jobs right which is unusual in a market place dominated by industrial scale manufacturers.
  • We will make you a superb set of worktops and provide an installation that will last for years but although we offer excellent value, we are not often the cheapest, sorry.
  • Few other fabricators can match our quality, level of service, comprehensive understanding and attention to detail.
  • If you can draw it we can make it, if you can’t draw it we can probably help you with our 3D design software.
  • We can integrate wood, glass, metal, stone and lighting with our products and can either work with your usual suppliers or use our own carefully chosen local specialists.
Why Choose Corian Kitchen Worktops?
  • Large range of sinks in sensible sizes
  • A more sophisticated colour pallet than any other solid surface
  • 10 year warranty
Why Choose Hi-Macs Kitchen Worktops?
  • A small price advantage over Corian
  • Slightly more scratch resistant than Corian
  • Unique Galaxy and Volcanic colours which are very practical and beautiful
  • 15 year warranty
Why Choose Richlite Kitchen Worktops?
  • Very dark colours Black Diamond, Chocolate Brown and Grays Harbour do not show wear and tear in the same way as Corian and HI-MACS, they are very tough indeed, much stronger than Corian or HI-MACS
  • A more environmentally friendly alternative as they are made using recycled paper and an environmentally unfriendly phenolic resin which makes an enormously strong worktop material
  • 15 year warranty