• I’ve had a cheaper quote will you price match?
    Unlikely. We are an honest company and believe that supplying top quality products with exceptional customer service is worth paying for. At Solidity we work to very high standards, we make every effort to ensure our customers love the work we do and take pride in every job. If the work is not good enough for our MD’s house it does not leave the workshop. We deliver excellent value and our customers come back time and again. .
  • Is it true that Corian and HI-MACS only guarantee their material and not the manufacture and installation?
    Yes, but Solidity are unique among Solid Surface fabricators in the UK because our warranty covers the material, manufacture and installation therefore filling the gap left by the material manufacturers.
  • Are you in Corian’s Quality Network or HI-MACS’s Quality Club?
    Yes, we are, but membership of these groups is no assurance of quality. It is well known in the industry that some of the worst fabricators are members of these groups but Corian and HI-MACS’s do not eject them because they are afraid it will cost them sales. These groups are no assurance of quality nor that the fabricator will not go bust.
  • How far will you travel from your base in Marlow (half way between Oxford and London)?
    Routinely we travel up to Birmingham & Nottingham, down to Kent & Devon and across to Essex & Cardiff but we do most of our work in London. We can do jobs further afield but only very interesting or large ones; all of our site fitters have families and we like to get them home for supper as often as possible.
  • I’m a potential customer but I am not in the trade, will you work directly for me?
    Yes we will but quite often we will recommend that you go and use one of our dealers if your design is not complete. We choose our dealers very carefully and they are all capable of producing superb designs according to your brief. If your design requires extensive 3D modelling then we will need to work directly with you.
  • What are your lead times?
    Often we turn round small jobs for people we know within a week, 2 weeks to make a custom sized white shower tray and 3-4 weeks notice for a typical kitchen or wetroom floor. More complicated jobs, like art sculptures or custom sized baths, need longer. Whatever you need, give us a call and we’ll let you know the current lead time. In the run up to Christmas we are exceptionally busy and lead times will be longer than normal.
  • How long from template to fit?
    Typically we turn jobs round in 5-7 working days but for larger projects it may be as long as 10 working days. We will give you a firm commitment on the turnround time when you place your order so you can plan your follow on trades efficiently.
  • How do I get a quote?
    Please email sales@solidity.co.uk with a description or photos and dimensions, or ideally a drawing and we will do our very best to send you a firm price within 24 hours. 
  • How do I place an order?
    Please email sales@solidity.co.uk with your quote number, invoice address, site address and site contact details then we will send you a 50% deposit invoice. Once the job is completed we will send you the invoice for the balance.