Solidity has developed a unique, beautiful, seamless wetroom system that is guaranteed leak proof for 15 years.

Our wetrooms require no tanking and have no grout lines (unlike tile and stone) so are easy to keep clean and hygienic. 

Our floors will not leak nor crack. They have a finish which is smooth and hard yet flexible enough to move with the surrounding or supporting structure.

Solidity wetrooms are less slippery than tile or stone and warm to the touch.  They are hand made to order in the UK.

Because each floor is custom made to your requirements you can specify:

Wall Panels

Bathroom walls without seams or grout are beautiful and stay looking brand new for years. Solidity’s seamless wall panels are an ideal choice for modern or minimal bathrooms as they provide a plain backdrop for the furniture, glass, radiators and taps. Our walls and floors are smooth and non-porous so are impervious to dirt, moisture and mildew. 

Size and shape are not restricted and we can even form concave or convex curved wall panels if required.

Tiled Wetroom and Stone Shower Tray Repairs

Do you have a leaking wetroom?  Or a leaking shower tray? Then Solidity can help.

Please give us a call to discuss your problem. About 30% of our shower tray and wetroom business involves replacing systems supplied by others that have failed.

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