Shower Wastes

Shower trays and wetroom floors are normally supplied with our standard waste fitting.  It is capable of dealing with 35L/min of water which is sufficient for all but the largest, multi-jet, pressurised shower systems. For high flow applications we fit either multiple wastes or specially sourced high capacity wastes. All our wastes have easy to clean hair traps which you do not require tools to gain access to.

Alternatively your shower space can be customised with a solid surface or stainless steel plate as shown below. It is also possible to conceal the waste under HI-MACS and Corian slabs, Richlite and Iroko duck boards, or use our own in-house trough waste system.

Solidity can make any style of waste work with our wetroom floors and shower trays.


HI-MACS or Corian Waste

 Trough, Slab or Linear Waste

Standard Domed Waste

Stainless Steel

(many more designs available)